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Friday, 11 June 2010

FreePlayer and saltline audio solutions.

Excellent demonstration from FreePlayer's sound kitchen youtube page of FreePlayer controlling saltline's Hotel S.O.A.P pitch bend effect in real time.


Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Collaboration with artist and musician Sophie Edwards.
copyright © saltline and Sophie Edwards 2010
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Monday, 31 May 2010

Saltline audio solutions and FreePlayer team up.

Saltline and FreePlayer have teamed up to create VST effects for their new FreePlayer guitar software effects controller.
FreePlayer allows the user to control VST effects in real time whilst playing.
A few of saltline's existing plugins will be shipping with FreePlayer and some new VSTs are planned.
The first of these will be HotelSOAP (Son Of A Pitch). Based on saltline's original Son Of A Pitch plugin but with more options for pitching audio. Son Of A Pitch version 2 will then follow. Although these plugins have been built for use with FreePlayer they will still function as normal with a VST host.

Visit www.freeplayerstore.com for more news on this amazing controller.

Ichi Version 2 screenshot

Saltline's new website is finally up, www.saltline.co.uk
We've uploaded a few new things including Version 2 of Ichi, freeware VA subtractive synthesizer.
Download it at www.saltline.co.uk/ichi.html

We've also created some gui controls for use in your own VST projects. We have 15 controls on our site to download for free. If we have the time we may also be able to make custom controls for your VST projects, www.saltline.co.uk/gui.html